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The open forum podcast aims to be a space where people with differing views and ideas can come to openly explore those without fear of being demonised, de-platformed or otherwise. It’s the place to hear about anything and everything, from everybody’s favourite virus to economics to climate change to general science & history! Nothing is off limits, so sit back and prepare to open your mind! Evidence to back up the things talked about, where possible, will be posted in the description for each episode so you can go away with the facts, or, receipts, that matter in hand and hopefully walking away more informed than when you walked in!

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Monday Mar 18, 2024

This time I speak with Kym Staton, Award winning film director having started with Films for Change, a way to host, promote and distribute documentaries the globe over. We're going to be discussing the documentary he has made - The Trust Fall - Julian Assange and the implications the Assange trial has for press freedoms, global freedom of speech & democracy at large, or the glaring indictment against democracy.
At the end of this episode I play the collateral murder video for posterity.00:00 Intro00:41 The Trust Fall documentary Trailer04:05 Why did you decide to make the documentary?09:50 Why did Julian go into exile in the Ecuadorian embassy for 7 years10:45 Julian is constantly accused of r@pe, what really happened with the Sweden case?13:40 Did Julian's journalism put any lives at risk? Did he redact names?17:05 "The Big Lie"18:55 Wikileaks being debanked, but criminals not.21:30 How much more info would we have with Ukraine & Gaza if Julian was still free to disseminate info?23:16 What does this say about the state of Journalism as a whole?27:16 Why do we have so few whistleblowers?32:00 What are they charging him with in the Espionage act?33:30 The erosion of our free speech over the centuries39:15 How is it they're giving Assange a "slow death" through his imprisonment and mental torture?43:30 Why is there so much unawareness on a societal level?51:00 parallels between Julian Assange and Alexei Navalny53:40 Why haven't the UK just handed him over anyhow?53:50 What is the Collateral Murder video?01:01:10 Where can people watch The Trust Fall: Julian Assange and how can we get our cinema to show it?01:07:10 How can people get in touch and find you?
Journalists imprisoned - 779 jailed in 2023.
Vault 7 (along with documents, handily available on wikileaks!)
Nobody harmed due to wikileaks pentagon testimony
Assange stripped naked and put in isolation
Collateral murderVideo,_5_Apr_2010Article by the guardian
CIA Torture from John Kiriakou podcast Elsberg/Pentagon papers | The Trust Fall: Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Free Speech | Kym Staton 

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

Today we have with us, I'm excited to say, Elana Freeland - an expert in one of my fave areas having done decades of research in this space to better understand what is happening in the world around us- geoengineering - and if you don't know what that is, you may be familiar with a tiny element of it - chemtrails - and if you're unfamiliar with either of those things are - prepare to have your minds blown - Elana has released multiple books on the topics - currently. She's a lecturer, writer, teacher and ghost writer, also having helped bring to light the stories of MK Ultra survivors such as Billy Hayes. You might find some of this stuff hard to believe - if so, have a look at the links in the description - or better yet - get your hands on any one of Elana's books on the topic - She methodically references everything with every part of every book based on verifiable evidence
00:00 Intro
05:00 Weather engineering through Project Popeye + Lyndon B Johnson Speech
08:20 What is Geoengineering?
11:10 Real world examples of cloud seeding
13:17 What is HAARP? (High frequency Active Aurora Research Project)
16:10 What is the Strategic Defence Initiative (Star Wars Program 1980s AKA Secret space program)
20:00 How does HAARP work? 25:30 Soil samples, work by Kristen Meghan & Dane Wiggington
28:00 How can we make this more tangiable 29:20 Nanobot aerosols, DEWs, effects on cognition
33:30 HAARP as a weapon 37:30 Who is doing this?
44:00 Matt Anderson (Booz Allen Hamilton Exec on the military implications of geoeng & not for climate change mediation!)
47:00 Solar radiation management
49:35 Geoengineering, Synthetic biology & Clifford Carincom
52:00 Lockheed Martin - Space Fence
57:00 Transhumanism, neural mesh, neurolink
01:01:30 Why are they doing this?
01:11:00 Nanotech
01:14:30 Changes in our humanity
01:18:00 What can we do to protect ourselves, our humanity?
01:25:00 minimise electromagnetic exposure
01:28:00 Become conscious of your food
01:30:00 Your thoughts
Oxford uni Geoengineering
Operation Popeye
Lyndon B Johnson developing a weather satellite
Cloud Seeding
Iran - Mahmous Ahmadinejad
(Way back archive)
General Wesley Clarke - 7 countries in 5 years
Catherine Austin Fitts - $21 Trillion & Criminal US Gov
Soil Samples Kristen Meghan:
Nanobot aerosols Holographic interferometry
Matt Anderson - Booz Allen Hamilton - Geoengineering The Guardian article
Clifford Carnicom's work
Elana's website  Follow me
Twitter: Https://

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

Dino Nocivelli is a partner in the abuse department at leigh day law firm and actively works towards law reforms as it pertains sexual abuse and has appeared in various media outlets such as the BBC, ITV & others  as well as IICSA - the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse - CSA- providing expert opinion and testimony. In this episode following on from my chat on child trafficking last time with Craig Sawyer, we discuss CSA, how we can help victims, recognising the signs of someone in distress as well as what we should be aware of when it comes to abusers - and no, it's not the stereotypical weirdo in a long coat near schools or "stranger danger" that is the threat to our children! 
00:00 Intro00:42 Who is Dino & what does he do03:35 Why does it take so long for children to come forward after abuse?10:25 How can we help prevent abuse victims from falling into substance abuse? 13:10 Mandatory reporting isn't always a thing!15:10 Abusers never have just 1 victim.18:50 How do abusers move from place to place without recourse?22:30 Is there a concerted effort to protect abusers because those in positions of power are themselves abusers?37:30 Does prison reform work or do abuse victims go on to become abusers?42:20 Recidivism rate and are prison sentences adequate? 51:20 Links between pornography and abuse57:40 How can people find you and your work?
Jimmy Saville & Russel Brand interview Jimmy Saville: I'm feared in every girls school 
German gov. operation Helmut Kentler 
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Sunday Sep 17, 2023

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer is a former Marine, Navy Seal, Air marshal, Agent in Charge for protection details of foreign dignitaries in war zones and has operated in 60 countries. Since 2017 he's gone on to found Veterans for child rescue ( - a not for profit working to combat child trafficking and support survivors as well as connecting them with the help they need to heal from the traumas. Todays conversation is about the breakdown in our society that allows for this inhumane practise to continue as an open secret amongst the most powerful in our society and news media remains silent on despite the high profile cases of Epstein, Weinstein, Mack, Saville etc. Craig talks us through some of the origins of the attempted normalization of child predation, big tech censorship - how junk science was used to justify it and how the breakdown of the family unit lends itself to an environment whereby predators are able to sniff out the vulnerable, and much, much more.
00:00 Intro02:06 Realising Child Trafficking is a cover op run in the USA06:40 How has child trafficking & abuse become so abundant?07:55 Satanic cults and abuse.13:05 Can spirituality help us function better?15:48 Why haven't people in charge come forward to talk about it, fear, power?20:30 Alfred Kinsey and attempts of normalizing paedophilia through "research"25:35 Ideology subversion - destroy strong family units & strong males36:22 Predators know to target children from broken homes41:54 Become informed - find alternative news sources44:00 UN & ICJ decriminalising age of consent & sexualization of children46:00 The role of psychological manipulation50:15 We need to be aware what key members of our institutions are doing behind the scenes51:45 The Kentler Project53:00 Censorship by big tech on stopping child trafficking55:50 Big tech cancelling fundraising efforts 57:06 They want control & a NWO59:00 Pollution, climate1:00:50 It's a choice - serfdom or sovereignty1:04:14 Crisis moments are hotbeds for trafficking opportunities1:08:40 Easy access through the southern border01:17:50 What can we as citizens do?01:21:50 What is the Documentary Contraland? 01:24:20 What can survivors do?
Contraland Movie: Vets 4 Child Rescue
Kentler Project 
Weinstein and minors  
Yuri Bezmenov interview 
ICJ/UN 8 March Principles 
Instagram connects pedophiles 
Instagram hotbed for child trafficking 
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Sunday Jul 23, 2023

Tracey Bettridge is one of the many silenced voices of the vaccine injured. Shortly after having an mRNA booster shot, Tracey unfortunately suffered vaccine induced transverse myelitis as diagnosed by her neurologist and was told it would not have happened had she not taken the shot, a shot that was coerced due to government mandates. Prior to this, Tracey had no other underlying health conditions. In this episode we discuss Tracey's injury, how it has effected her now going forward as she begins a journey of rehabilitation as well as the support (read: lack thereof) from her local representatives in government - instead support coming from further afield in the shape of the few voices in the Australian parliament that are seeking to help those who have been injured as a result of the experimental shots. **Tracey mentioned afterwards that at times it was difficult to maintain the flow due to the brain fog that has occurred as one of the many side effects since taking the shot.As always, links to relevant articles or new stories are below!
00:50 Intro03:00 What happened? Any warning signs?09:30 Did you have the choice to take the shot or not?15:00 How did your staff feel about government mandates?20:30 You're in a class action lawsuit, have you reviewed the Pfizer documents?24:200 Information was available, but NO government took accountability and they all went with the narrative?28:38 Has your vaccine injury been medically diagnosed, or is it speculation?33:20 How is it not being able to work due to the injury from the shot?37:20 How have the people around you responded to your injury?40:20 How have you been coping?42:40 Advice for those going through it?49:40 How does it feel having no representation by your elected officials?55:50 How has this injury impacted your life?1:02:20 Class action lawsuit Vs. Commonwealth and TGA1:06:00 Those pushing this forward in parliament and further afield.
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Australia stopping AstraZenaca
Fines in Australia for unvax staff
Don't speak to your neighbours, don't do your own research
Pfizer wants 75 years to release docs
PHS stop releasing figures
Decision to vaccinate placebo group
Ed Dowd data around vax injuries - there's a lot here
Evidence around adverse reactions from pfizer docs - Appendix 1 Pg 30
1 in ~536 serious adverse events - Fraiman et al. 2022 Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults
Anne Frank House pic vax pass
1.13.00 rumble out of france

Monday May 29, 2023

Prof. Bob de Wit is the Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands as well as the founder and owner of Strategy Works and Strategy Academy, with a plethora of books and publications such as Strategy: An International Perspective being used at universities in over 70 countries around the world. Having predicted an impending societal change in the mid 2010's there are few better placed to discuss said upheaval than Bob, join us as we discuss the impending societal revolution following on from one of Bob's latest books Society 4.0 - discussing the possibility for us to take this opportunity to create a citizens society as opposed to the Elite Reset society - commonly referred to as the Great Reset. Creating a society that is led from the bottom up, rather than the top down as a corporatocracy/great reset society would build. Bob has a unique take on this having called out early in 2020 the chance for the Corona crisis to be used for other purposes. Join us as we discuss what we can do to move forward positively as well as how our current political landscape needs to change to prevent the abuses of power we see today implementing a public merit score only for those who wish to represent the populous on national and international political stages and how we can truly become the best Glocal citizens possible! Bob has a refreshing outlook - instead of continually hammering on the negatives he is constantly looking for the positive opportunities that are available as well as inspiring others with their chance to push forward!
00:40 intro
01:46 What triggered your deep dive into societal change?
02:43 How Corona ushered in the beginning of change
04:36 What were society 1.0 (feudal), 2.0 (traders) & 3.0 (industrial revolution)
12:15 Power shifts between global corporations Vs. nation states & influence of NGO's
18:10 Why is it a bad idea to let corporate leaders take global control? 
23:00 People don't understand what they're voting.
29:30 What is the alternative to the "Great/Elite Reset"? What is the Citizens Society?
33:00 Redefining politically eligibility with Integrity & Competency (Public Merit) scores for politicians *ONLY*
35:34 How can we address & assess political integrity?
45:52 AI influences on this new society by 2030? 
54:22 Changing humanities position on the planet after machines change the working world
57:00 Finding purpose in this new society?
01:03:20 How will we conduct trade in the new society 
01:07:20 A New form of payment through societal contribution & added value
01:11:10 How we create a system to prevent manipulation
01:14:00 Formulating a brighter society, together.
01:18:50 How has your work been impacted by your perception of current events?
01:21:30 How can people find you and implement this into their communities?
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Saturday May 06, 2023

I'm fortunate to be joined once more by John Perkins - the infamous Economic Hitman whom you may remember from episode 17 of the podcast. This time we talk about China and their economic hitmen, what is it about their approach that has been so appealing and so successful, the pluses and minuses of their approach to the economic hitman strategy as they apply the 4 pillars as well as some issues that have arisen as a result of poor infrastructure development by Chinese contractors and more importantly the environmental impact these strategies have. John talks more about how it is we can make a life economy rather than this continuation of the death economy that he was once a part of creating many years ago through a sustainable future as a part of the planet rather than placing ourselves "above" the needs of the planet! Tune in to find out more!
00:50 Why a third edition?04:12 Shouldn't we be encouraging lifting people out of poverty?06:10 What is the Death Economy vs. Life Economy?10:15 Difference between ESG & "Life Economy"?12:40 Why is China's approach to EHM's so egregious, and what do they do well?19:15 China still exercise influence on countries they invest in24.30 Don't we need to release regulations in order to bring industry back to US/Europe etc. for economic independence 29:45 Free Market vs Predatory Capitalism?34:00 The devil we know (USA) vs Devil we don't? (China)41:35 Aren't china attempting to bring the world together though?47:20 How can we look forward?52:57 What can people do, now?
There are a lot of things I could link here, but having read a lot of John's work, and his newest edition to The Economic Hitman, I cannot recommend the book highly enough. It is referenced cover to cover and thoroughly researched so I'll provide a link to that here (note: this isn't sponsored, neither John or his team have asked me to do so and I gain nothing from you clicking the link or anything like that!)
China's bad projects - Ecuador hydro electric dam next to rainforest on a fault line
Countries China trades with vs USA
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Monday Apr 03, 2023

Dr Matthew Wielicki is a former asst professor in the department of geological sciences at uni of Alabama who completed his PhD in geochemistry, with a multitude of peer reviewed publications and as an Earth Science professor, there are few better placed to speak on our topic of today - climate change or climate alarmism. We speak about everything from overpopulation to natural disasters - data manipulation and whether going carbon neutral (or carbon negative) will have any long lasting implications! As well as that we dip a toe briefly into geoengineering! Tune in to find out more!
1:07 Intro & Why he chose to speak out5.32 Loss of free speech in universities9:25 Stance on climate as an earth scientist14:10 Malthusian population control15:20 All eggs in the greenhouse gas basket17:20 Water vapour's greenhouse effect?19:05 Climate Modelling & Manipulation of perception23:00 Natural disasters ARE NOT increasing25:55 Equipment has improved28:30 Are the UN & IPCC manipulating data? 32:45 Where can we find the "hidden" data?36:15 What energy poverty really means for 3rd world nations41:25 Can we replace hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) with renewables? 1 for 1?45:36 Nuclear power?50:11 Energy production equivalency from Wind/Solar vs Nuclear?52:20 Positives as a result of increased CO2?55:24 Negative impact of lowering CO2 too low?58:12 Possible to see human influence on CO2?1:04:50 Why are interests manipulating the perception on climate change1:06:00 Who are these players?1:08:50 What can we do to make a change?1:12:30 Farmers winning in NL - good thing? Controlled opposition?1:19:20 Geoengineering? (Cloud seeding etc.)1:26:25 Ways to look forward positively?
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Yuri Bezmanov video
less dying from floods etc, 2 bil lifted from poverty
Jane Goodall on depopulation
IPCC report 1990, Holocene warming, medieval warming
Climate gate: I have found a Forbes article for climategate 2.0 2011 - with regards to the original - there are only news sites that try to downplay what was said - as a result - unless I screenshot particular emails and display those it will prove useless to add the individual mails. Instead I've provided a link to the forbes article, and also another website which provides an outline for climategate 1.0 and a link to the emails.
Solar & Wind deaths vs nuclear
Greener planet
co2 production drop
kissinger quote who controls... 
Geonengineering China & Dubai 

Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Michael Yon is a multi award winning journalist, an author & war correspondent having also served as a Green Beret, Michael has seen combat and been to over 90 countries. We're joined by him today to talk about everything from the Dutch farmers appearing to win in parliament (and why that might not be what's really going on), weaponised migration, tristate city, take over of farm land by multinationals and government, potential famine and much, much more. Michael is a wealth of knowledge in this area having studied in depth the signs throughout history when these things occur - from information warfare to the cutting off of nations critical supplies (Noord Stream Pipeline anyone? Energy infrastructure?). Utilising this knowledge and looking for the signs Michael travels to countries the globe over - and unfortunately if he's in your country, it may not be a good omen! Tune in to find out more! 00:00 Intro03:40 What takes you to the countries you visit?09:10 Weaponised migration11:00 Why travel to Netherlands, Panama & Hong Kong?11:40 Are the WEF & China working together?15:00 Tristate City? NL, Belgium, Germany? Belt & Road China?19:55 Nitrogen and farmers in NL?22:30 Information warfare/Manipulation of language.27:50 Info warfare & N. Korean Defectors31:10 BBB farmers party winning in NL - Wolf in sheeps clothing?37:15 15 minute cities, Nitrogen, C40? Controlling the land & food?38:30 What is the end goal after controlling the food?43:00 Population control, language manipulation all through tech54:15 They've got money, food, land, what's next?57:40 BASF Haber Bosch process & Nitrogenous fertilizer  1:02:30 Global famine1:08:40 How can we protect ourselves if there's a global famine incoming 1:17:40 Cannibal hunting1:19:30 Prepping, survival skills, !!!Water!!!
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Michael Yon getting kicked out of Hong Kong
BoJo Peace talks ukraine
China wants to buy in Yuan
tristate citywww.tristatecity.nl
Belt and Road Initiative
CCP changing text books in hong kong about british occupation/hong kong always part of the mainland paywall)
Shin Dong Hyuk
Farmers winning NL? BBB
Principles BBB are running on (you'll have to translate to english after you click gezonde boeren (healthy farmers)
Dutch may be forced to take migrants law access
FBI labelling parents as terrorists
56.40 Abu Zabaydah
Nord stream threats? Norway tests pipeline - Michael Yon BASF/NordStream
Norway pipeline

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Gus Fraser, CEO of Revoke & Blokk works in Cyber Security, Software Engineering & data privacy. Today we're discussing your privacy online and why it matters. Not just for you the individual (though it should concern you!) But also for society as the collective. There's no need for someone to put a chip in you when your mobile phone does all the tracking for any unscrupulous individuals anyways. Whether it's location tracking, cookies, the unfettered reach of big tech companies in your life, as well as the ways that they manipulate your feelings, opinions and choices (there's a lot there, trust me!) the connection of big tech companies to intelligence agencies the globe over, not just the CIA, we discuss all of this and more! Tune in to find out!
00:51 Intro03:12 Cookies, Our data & Consent05:25 What's the problem with just hitting "accept"?07:00 Dangers of Location data 11:45 Data brokers - no darkweb necessary!13:30 Tech giants - they're listening to you!14:30 Expansion of AI usage & data collection.17:30 Algorithms are manipulating us18:30 Election manipulation through data & Cambridge Analytica23:30 Apple & privacy culture.25:10 Intelligence agencies and your data28:00 You're always tracked - why do they need this data for personalised ads?32:00 Ad tech fraud37:00 What's the worst thing you see with the degredation of privacy due to tech?39:30 More clarity on cameras, tech & Privacy policies 43:45 What can we do to get around these issues?49:00 How can we effect change at big tech companies?54:00 WiFi hotspots - Apple & Google55:00 Blokk app - preventing ads and trackers.1:02:00 Tips for privacy for individuals1:03:00 Where to find you
NYT location data data sets 
Strava US military ops runners 
Google Fined (one of many, just search and see!) 
Facebook Listening 
JRE #1768 Robert Epstein 
Apple fine w/ privacy 
Google CIA 
Apple Airtag when off 
Apple/Amazon/Google Mesh networking tracking 
Blokk app 
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